About MLL


Our mission: 

To provide a premier education for language learners, with long-range goals for language proficiency, strong foundations, community engagement and collaborative success. The aim is for all students to become bilingual, bi-literate and culturally proficient in both the majority and partner cultures.

Our common vision:

Imagine every student...

  • Proficient in a least two languages, with a strong foundation in academic knowledge, communication skills and cultural understanding
  • Proud of their own cultural heritage, with a clear appreciation for the many cultures which compose the richness of our community
  • Challenged, supported and inspired to graduate to something great

Imagine every family...

  • Welcomed in a language they understand, by staff who embrace the wealth of diversity within our schools
  • Empowered with the knowledge and tools to nurture their children’s educational efforts
  • Sharing their cultural heritage with the students, families and staff that make up our school district community

Imagine our community...

  • Stronger for the gifts that we collectively contribute to the education of our children
  • Richer in well prepared, linguistically divers and culturally proficient graduates
  • Prepared to create a bright future together

The office of Multilingual Learning believes that effective instruction for Language Learners begins with understanding and valuing the whole child, while narrowing down to an intentional focus on a sound theory of language learning.


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