Dual Language Programs

Dual Language Programs

Our Dual Language Schools are listed below by language. 

One-Way Immersion Programs

In addition to English Language Arts, Language Arts in the target language (French, Mandarin, or Spanish) is also taught. Academic content such as math, science, social studies and specialist courses such as art, computer, science, and physical education may also be taught in the target language. In recent years, an increasing number of ELL students have chosen to enroll in these programs. Therefore, the ELL department has provided the appropriate services for these students.

 Two-Way Immersion Programs

Two-way immersion programs (TWI) programs serve both language minority and language majority students in the same classroom and use each group of students’ first language for academic instruction at certain points during the program. The aim is for all students to become bilingual, biliterate and culturally proficient in both the majority and partner cultures. The cognitive, academic, and linguistic benefits of these programs fully appear after 5th or 6th grade.

 Secondary Dual Language Programs





Adams Elementary- one way

Wellstone Elementary- two way

Riverview Elementary- two way

Highland Park Middle School

Highland Park High School


L’etoile du Nord French Immersion- one way

Ramsey Middle School

Central High School


Jackson Elementary- two way

Phalen Lake Elementary- two way


Jie Ming Academy at Hamline Elementary- one-way


































































































Secondary Immersion Programs
Elementary Dual/Immersion Language Programs

This section for the Elementary....Under Construction.


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