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Language and Culture Resources

The following web links are resources for teachers to better understand and support our students and families.  Additional resources may be found on the "Immigration" page.  These sites were compiled for easy access and present different content and ideas for your consideration and use.  At the same time, they are but a small fraction of all the resources that emerge daily from the internet.  The views expressed on the websites do not necessarily represent those of the ELL Department nor can we monitor the accuracy of all that is contained on the websites.  The websites included and technologies therein, are not supported by the district technology department, so they cannot provide technical assistance.  In addition, these websites are open sources as they are not contained in a controlled secure environment by the district, so please exercise caution, particularly when submitting or downloading information or using with students.  We will make every effort to monitor the links and continue updating resources, so please visit frequently.

General Resources

  1. Cultural Orientation Center:  The COR Center develops informational and resource materials for refugees, service providers, and anyone interested in learning more about refugee communities in the United States.
  2. CultureGrams:  Since its beginnings in 1974, the aim of CultureGrams has been to foster understanding and appreciation of the world's countries and peoples by creating and publishing cultural information. Today the CultureGrams series is used for cultural reference and curriculum products in the education, government, and non-profit arenas.
  3. Diversity Council:  Based in Rochester, MN the Diversity Council's website offers teachers links to ideas, activities, lesson plans and other resources to help students celebrate their multicultural heritage, explore their biases, increase awareness, build empathy, and learn respect. In addition, there are informational resources about local ethnic groups.
  4. Race Bridges for Schools:  Race Relations Seeking Harmony offers diversity lesson plans and resources for students.
  5. World Factbook:  The Central Intelligence Agency's World Factbooks provides "Guide to Country" profiles.

Culturally Specific Resources

   Burmese (Karen)

  1. Drum Publication Group:  The site aims to provide Karen people and all those interetes in Karen language, access to Drum's educational materials including their online English-Sgaw Karen dictionary.  In addition to Karen language materials, this site is intended to help provide information and raise awareness of the richly diverse histories, cultures and backgrounds of the peoples of Burma.
  2. Karen PeopleA not-for-profit gateway to information and resources on the Karen in Burma, the Karen in Thailand, and elsewhere.


  1. Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center:  A comprehensive research portal site devoted to the advance of Hmong Studies. 
  2. Lao Family Community:  This website provides summaries about the history and culture of Hmong people.


  1. Pew Hispanic Center:  The Pew Hispanic Center is a nonpartisan research organization that seeks to improve understanding of the U.S. Hispanic population and to chronicle Latinos' growing impact on the nation.
  2. Rimas Y Rondas:  Castillo de cuentos y juegos hispanoamericanos.
  3. Rondas Y Canciones:  Secretaria de Educacion Publica para Los Ninos.


  1. Oromo Community of Minnesota:  This website provides historical and cultural information about the Oromo ethnic group and Oromos living in Minnesota.


  1. Somali Cultural Association:  This site offers information on Somali culture and beliefs.
  2. Somali Culture:  This site was created by students from Manchester, United Kingdom, to share information about Somali culture.

One-to-One Text Translations

   These are free computerized translations and are not reliable for important documents.  Please see Translations Services for assistance with translations.

  1. Babblefish:  Specializes in language translation, travel and money conversion.
  2. FreeTranslation:  A free translation website allowing you to translate web pages and text into different languages.
  3. Oddcast:  Text to speech translator.
  4. Translator:  Type or paste in text and get a translation into many other languages.

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