Secondary EL Programs

Secondary EL Programs

At the middle and high school sites, level 1 and 2 Language students receive sheltered classes in English language arts, science, math, and social studies. Similar to Level 1 Language students at elementary sites, Level 1 students at the secondary level also receive intensive oral-language development. 

The students at level 3 or higher may be served through a co-teaching model in the content areas.  Collaboration allows for planning, teaching and assessment of content and language objectives for ELs in the mainstream classroom. These EL students may have one or more English language development (ELD) classes associated with the co-taught content class. The ELD classes are tightly aligned to both the state standards and the WIDA English Language Development Standards.

Language Academy

What is a Language Academy Program?

Language Academy (LA) is a program designed to provide newcomer English Learner (EL) students in grades 1-12 with intensive English language instruction to foster academic success and develop English language skills.  

In middle and high schools, Language Academy courses provide intensive language support designed for newcomers while allowing them to work towards content area standards of language arts, science and social studies. Students participate in elective classes such as art, physical education and other with LA and non-LA peers. Most newly-arrived students spend two years in the language academy program but they can move at any time during the year to higher-level courses depending on their progress.

New to country students and EL level 1 students receive additional intensive language support through English Now! classes.  English Now! Curriculum is designed for students with beginning level of English proficiency and those who need additional support in English language development.

Students can be enrolled in a Language Academy program for 2 years.


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